Sunday, November 4, 2012


A birthday celebration with our best friends tonight for my husband. I do not know of a man alive that lives by his convictions without wavering to the degree that he does, honors the role of husband and provider and ENJOYS making me happy, invests himself 100% with every one of his children, prays for and with his patients daily and searches and researches and asks God for the answers to the missing pieces so that he can further add to his already vast knowledge so that he can help more people...and God gives it to him! I even have watched my husband suffer with a sickness "without answers" or cure...and find healing and a purpose with which he is impacting the WORLD through that same faith in JESUS that continues to lead him, endure other challenges that most would have crumbled under and continue to trust God for what is on the "other side" of the mountain that made those struggles necessary in God's sight. Well friends...we are almost to the other side of the mountain...I will call it PARK CITY :))) I am blessed to be this man's wife and consider my husband HIGHLY FAVORED and loved by God with a special love that I often marvel at. I can't imagine life with ANY ONE else as our strengths and weaknesses are perfectly complementary and our passion for truth and purpose are equally matched as well. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DANNY!!!