Thursday, December 16, 2010

My Mom's Last Birthday July 29, 2007/19 days before she died from cancer

Once you asked for shelter from above; Now you feel the embrace of His love.
Once you hoped to have deliverance from the pain; Now you know His comfort as you wait for THE DAY.
Once you questioned whether you were His; Now you know what is in THE GIFT.
It isn’t relief from the storm; But anticipation of a new morn.
You are blessed to see Him shine; In your darkness and in His time.
He LOVES you so to not take it away; But soon you will know the brightest of days.
For those who still do not know; Perhaps is why you still are waiting to go
He knows what He is doing; You know that now
It will soon be over and your understanding is proof; He is the author and we are the ones who have everything to lose;
If we do not accept His son's death on the cross; Our life is as a moth’s.
YOU are the victor in the battle he has chosen; To usher in eternal life and end the war in this world’s strife.
So I honor you Mom for all you are; Jesus is your hope and your destiny secure.
Praise be to the One who gave his Son.
Your time is almost nigh; But I will NOT EVER say good-bye; But “see you later” as I cry.
You are the Mom he chose for me; And blessed am I to know your destiny.
Forever our relationship is secure; Because His love is forevermore.
I thank God for securing your place; As you wait to see the glory of His face.
The stars of night that bring forth the day; Are the sign to me; Of God’s patience for our slowness of speed as we do not heed; And as we tarry and do not trust; His every prompt Which should be a must.
In this life we live and in return must give; Our striving to Him; As He makes treasures Out of men.
I LOVE YOU MOMMY --here and in eternity too

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