Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mom For Tomorrow

Mom, I think of you often...even today.
It was you who came to my mind,  I quickly should say.

You left on another journey and your will not be back,
But regardless of your leaving, I still know no lack.

I wrote these words today, not for you but for me, 
And I share them with you so that my heart can be free.

I learned yet again, as I do when I write,
That I don't blame you for what I am not, if I stay focused on His power and might.

I am not dissatisfied with all that I am not, 
Instead I see great value in all I was taught.

This moment in time would not be complete, 
Without reminding myself that it was YOU who was perfectly chosen for ME!

You taught me His ways, as He chose you to do,
You honored Him greatly, despite what you knew.

I think of you now with a smile on my face,
And wish I could hold you for one more embrace.

I want to say Thank You for doing what you could
And to tell you how He has finished your work, and that it is Good.

I have a feeling this is something you already know, 
But to share my heart as it heals, I know would impact you so.

Our relationship could finally have all that it lacked, 
Which was compassion and maturity and a love that wouldn't hold back.

So I write this today, knowing you already understand,
The moment you entered that Great Promised Land.

I am now living in mine after much pain and sorrow,
But I am writing to testify that God is not just a God of tomorrow.

He is with us today, Sitting upon His Great Throne,
Looking to have the final say and teaching us to trust Him even as we groan.

Whether we struggle, or stumble and fall,
It is Him who ultimately is in control of it all.

So I thank Him today as I honor His plan, 
And thank Him too, that I released my pain to a far greater plan.

I miss you and love you and wished you too received more,
But God allowed it perfectly for what was in store.

For more reasons than I yet even know,
But it is YOU I still carry in my heart wherever I go.

To heal from my hurts is yet another gift I have been given,
It didn't come packaged or contained in a small slice of heaven.

It came instead through adversity and much pain and sorrow, 
But I am beyond thankful that there is always tomorrow.

It shines more brightly now with a greater understanding of more,
And it comes in the form of goosebumps that purge pain from my pores.

God, I marvel at Your ways and hear Your Great voice, 
It sounds like fresh and rushing water, and no longer noise.

The lessons I have learned are taught in no other place,
And the gift is like the feeling of winning a race.

There is much preparation and blood, sweat and tears,
But the Victory is only understood by those who are near.

Thank You again from well within my Faith-Filled Soul, 
I will continue to remind myself again and again what it is that is making me whole.

I will share of Your goodness and Your promises given,
Beyond that,  my broken heart has now risen.

I live with a new found awareness of the pain and the sorrow, 
But I wrapped it all up and released it and I call it Tomorrow.

God can accomplish in a moment what would take years on your own.  Seek Him and His path - watch Him open the doors to your Destiny. ~Tony Evans

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