Sunday, August 5, 2012

My Wish For You...Olivia

I  wrote this for Olivia's Time Capsule at school last year....she opened it this year and sharing it with the world speaks of the theme of my life:  FROM PAIN TO PURPOSE

May 2011

What I would wish for you is hardly a short offering or a suggestion.  How you have come into my life was anything but predictable and the impact you have had on my growth as a child of God as well as a mother I can not fully articulate even yet as I am constantly growing within those roles each day.   I do not have “it” all figured out, but I do know that He does.  I also know that He has firmly planted my feet on solid ground when it comes to my faith and hope in making a lasting difference in this world.  I also know that because He brought you into my life, He expects me to instill that same clarity within your own heart as you sort through trials, temptations and the trails along your own journey.  That opportunity/privilege is something I take very seriously.  
One of the most important charges that I could suggest to you is for you to remember who you are:  A VERY SPECIAL CHILD OF THE MOST HIGH AND ONLY GOD.  Remember that He has a plan for your life and that it is within this plan that you will find your purpose, peace and joy.   When you wonder why your life was met with such pain early on, remember that what you have endured has made you who you are.  Your faith and ability to endure tremendous hurt and regain your hope for your future is directly proportional to the opportunities you will have in this life to encourage others and experience a most amazing and satisfying relationship with Him who has brought you safe thus far.  His plan for you is enormous.   It will enable you to soar to heights that you couldn’t have otherwise.  He has provided for you by placing you in our family and allowing you to experience tremendous opportunity that will enrich each step you have taken and will continue to take as you establish yourself in this world. 
Regardless of where you go, I trust Him to go before you.  I pray for protection and provision and providence in each space in time in which you find yourself.  I am not always going to be “there” but I am always going to be “here” for you.   As you grow in age you will grow in responsibility.  I am blessed to experience your capability as you have reached this space in time and I believe with all of my heart that God is going to continue to grow you in every way that will cause me to continue to ooze with pride as I felt so under qualified for the role that I knew I couldn’t not accept.  This role has been my “crowning moment” even though it has taken me years to learn how to release its gems…or so I have felt.  It hasn’t been until we have entered our own space and time with even greater challenges that I have realized how complete I have become within it.  I learned the truth of God’s word that we are never fully complete unless we are giving ourselves away.  Our gifts are given to us so that we can use them to bless others.  It is through that process that we experience one of God’s ironies…that as we use our gifts for the benefit of others, we are the ones who are blessed.  I pray that you expect God to show up for you in that most incredible way in which you will know for sure that His love for you is immeasurable and His desire for you is not quantifiable but the evidence of His hand upon you will not be something you ever have to wonder about.  I can tell you first hand that when you know that you know…that is all you need to know.
Keep your head held high as you walk through life.  You belong to Him.  He has a plan for your life and it is guaranteed to be more than I could ever choose for you or you could ever choose for yourself.
Trusting God above all else is my wish for you.  Remembering who you are in Him and how much He loves you and that His love never fails is all I care about you knowing above everything else.  When that is front and center and at the core of your being, EVERYTHING you put your hand to will work out to your benefit and for your blessing.

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future."  ~Jeremiah 29:11

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