Monday, October 12, 2015

Spilling From The Soul, The Heart Releases

Olivia graduated this year.  What God has allowed me the privilege of participating in for His plan for her life has humbled me in more ways than I could ever desire, understand or achieve without His mercy, grace and favor.  It was so important to me on this day to share with her what has forever been in my heart since that day she and her twin brother walked through my front door.  It was December 31, 2003.  I was ill-prepared, ill-equipped, and just sick myself from the pain of my well as my gain.  This is what I had printed on parchment paper and included with her gift:  her Mom's Rolex watch that has been in a safety deposit box for nearly 12 years.  That afternoon, wrapping and praying and praying and wrapping...and crying over Lisa was yet another day I will always remember in my closet as one that God gave me to continue to heal as well as become prepared for that most challenging season of our lives beginning to transition.  The joy and the pain exist in this life simultaneously. I am so thankful God chose ME to honor Him...and of course to honor the love I will always have for her mom.  She was my best friend in every way.  I have never trusted anyone or felt myself more than when we were together.  Abrupt and devastating loss is something that cannot be quantified, but over time, perspective that comes through our growth in our pain makes our faith more understood and our God more real.  

Grafted in...a love like no other....

The next chapter in her life as well as my own is beginning...and if there was ever one thing I repeatedly asked God for with hope in His hand of assurance within, it is that when she left our home, she would be prepared in her faith, in her convictions and in her aspirations for seeking His best as her journey continues as a woman.  I can honestly say, this has been accomplished and my gratitude runs as deep as my soul.

The "RESILIENCE" Award goes to....

What Your Mom May Have Said To You Today:

If Lisa were here this day, I believe among the things she would say:

How proud of You I am…what You have experienced in your life I can whisper in your ear always, “I am so sorry.”  “I miss You so much.”  “I will always love You.”  “I will see You again one day.”  “We will never be apart again.”  “There will not be another tear shed  from that day on.”

I believe she knows exactly your whereabouts and the condition of your heart.

I believe her trust is in God’s best for You…just as it is for me.

I believe she is at peace with who you are and who you continue to become…just as I am. 

I believe she is aware of the quality of your character and the desires of your heart…just as I believe I am for the things that matter the most.

I believe she would want You to have this gift as an anticipated reminder of the time from then until when You meet again…just as I do ☺

Happy Graduation Olivia…You are a jewel in my crown…and one I could NEVER have earned without the grace, love and mercy of God who chose me for such an incredible purpose and your mom who believed in me always.  The emotion and conviction I have and have always lived by is rooted in my love for her and my faith in Him as well as hope for who I knew I was capable of becoming because “He first loved me.” ~1 John 4:19

I am so excited to watch and see where He leads You as you trust Him…don’t ever think SMALL!!

You know this verse well and I hope when You think of the life You have lived as a person as well as the one we have lived as a family, this one comes to your heart and mind before all others:

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. ~Romans 8:28

I love you!

My heartfelt hope....

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