Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Morning 2015. Amazed By The Love Of God

This Christmas was special at our house. My husband has had something on his heart for awhile to do with the kids. We planned to Skype Daniel in from Hawaii and instead he was here due to unforeseen circumstances which enabled him to participate in a very significant way...definitely best in the flesh. Danny reminded the kids of God's 3 main promises over our lives and how all of our adversity has rooted us in them. He read them from God's was an incredible reminder of God's faithfulness. It was the perfect transition to what came next and Danny went from kid to kid and asked what they saw in the past year from their own perspective and what they were learning about themselves and where they were grateful to God and what was on their hearts for the future. It was amazing to see each kid so specific and dialed in to themselves. It was riveting and as a parent who has not had an easy time of any aspect of my parenting this tribe of 5 I am one blessed Mom. God's promises are so real...trusting Him when things are bigger and badder than you can understand is an opportunity to see Him be Who He wants to be for us all. Danny reminded the kids that they will each do better than him in this life...and life isn't about making a living but making a difference....and God has chosen them for even more than what He is called to. Speaking life, giving thanks, acknowledging the power of God to redirect and overcome our obstacles is where and how we learn to live in faith. My kids are blessed to have a dad that lives it, knows it and can share it from humility and gratitude and I am blessed to be his helpmate, best friend and have him as the lover of my soul on this journey we call life. Merry Christmas everyone...may you all connect with our Savior and His plan for your life in the same way...He wants all we have to give Him...and when giving our all, we experience LIFE...the very essence of it given through Jesus to us...the reason He came from heaven.

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